Solution Based Marketing

Marketing is solving people’s problems, profitably. And who doesn’t love profits?

Torch manages and advises on the following marketing services, all being integral to a cohesive and measurable recovery or growth plan for retail and online businesses. Wow, that sounds like a lot of buzzwords and marketing jive. Truth is, it’s what we do.

Digital Marketing & Retail Marketing

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy – we help build the right plan, at the right time for the right budget.
  • Market Research – is there a real need and desire for your product or service? Let’s find out.
  • Design, User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) – Nothing is truly optimized on your customer’s journey unless its tested tried and true.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plan – We help coordinate efforts to get your website’s organic search results in top positions.
  • Paid Search Management (CPC) – We’ve seen good money thrown at bad and worse. Make sure your dollar is driving the right, qualified traffic.
  • Email Marketing – This one we love because it’s still one of the most cost-effective way to increase sales and loyalty if used correctly.
  • Omni-Channel & Multi-Channel Checkout & Conversion Optimization – Remove the friction from the sale. It’s not easy but the payoff is fire!
  • Marketing Operations; Reporting & Analytics – We can’t fix what we can’t measure so let’s make sure we are measuring the right metrics.

Analytics & Reporting

While these areas of the business and marketing are important, Torch emphasizes the importance of measuring results and knowing exactly what to measure. What’s going to move the needle and where focus and attention should be placed in order to drive growth and profitability. Learn more about analytics and proper reporting. It’s a moral imperative. No, really. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.