Shipping Cost Analysis And Reduction Action Plan

Saving 10% or more on shipping costs sounds good, doesn’t it?

Shipping costs are skyrocketing upward and so are the demands of customers. Competitors are offering attractive, low-cost shipping options making it harder to transact with acceptable margins. Free shipping has become an expectation, no longer a limited time offer. It may be time for an extensive review of your shipping logistics and an in-depth review of your shipping costs and technology.

Torch Group’s Logistics specialists are industry professionals with formal, extensive training and real-world experience in shipping logistics. For all domestic and global markets, Torch Group offers assessments that can directly impact the bottom line of P&L statements with real cost savings and benefits. Clients have realized, on average, 10% – 15% reduction in shipping costs allowing them to increase their margins and/or pass on those savings to customers increasing conversion rates and volume.

Common Areas Assessed for Cost Reductions:

  • Residential, Delivery Area Surcharges
  • Using Home Delivery
  • Automated Address Verification
  • Flat Rate Shipping Options
  • Proper Packaging
  • Dimensional Weight
  • Facility Optimization
  • 3rd Party Billing Fees
  • Carbon Footprint Fees
  • Seasonal Surcharges

Shipping Analytics & Reporting

Torch emphasizes the importance of measuring results and knowing exactly what to measure. What’s going to move the needle and where focus and attention should be placed in order to drive growth and profitability. Learn more about analytics and proper reporting. Every penny counts and in shipping, there are many hidden pennies. Let’s expose the profits here and perhaps make your shipping and logistics, once again, a profit center for the business.