Checkout Optimization

Website speed is undoubtedly one of the most important ingredients to a great customer journey. Moving at a snail’s pace online, especially while trying to check out of a store, is a recipe for failure. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bolt to light a fire under our client’s checkout experience. Using Bolt speeds up your checkout process and adds a few extra layers of security.

Welcome to a new era of online commerce. Amazon-like checkout. Zero fraud. End-to-end payments that drive e-commerce businesses 10%-50% newfound revenue.

Torch takes privacy and security (yours and ours) extremely seriously. We use Bolt as our secure checkout partner to ensure your safety and a fast, simple checkout process. Bolt is the industry leader focused on optimizing the checkout process, making the experience at your store easier, faster and above all, safer. Customer information is encrypted using the highest 128-bit SSL data standards and most complex security protocols available today. Your visitors can shop knowing their information is secure and checkout is safe.

Plus, Bolt offers top-tier fraud protection and indemnification and chargebacks become a thing of the past. So, what’s this all mean for your customers?

  • Customers can use the same credit card as they had before but with a safer and faster experience
  • Optimized for all mobile devices
  • There’s nothing to sign up for or lengthy registrations

Bolt has increased our client’s conversion and approval rates by over 30% consistently. And, the repeat business clients have experienced after implementing Bolt has decreased cost per acquisition (CPA) while improving bottom-line profits.
See it in action and implementation is painless. Bolt has simple, fast plugins for most, popular e-commerce platforms.

If you have a website that is suffering from checkout lag, has fraudulent charges that bog you down or you need an industry-leading solution to fast checkout that customer’s demand, let’s ignite your checkout! Contact us today.

Bolt Checkout

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