Who Are We?

We’re a group of professionals who were simply tired of dealing with the over-promising, under-delivering agencies and consultants we’ve all dealt with. So, we said we’re going to do it better. And, we are.

Our Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
– Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google

When we set out to create an environment that can be ultra-productive, fun and spark new ideas, we honestly had no idea where to start. So, we worked backwards. We listed what we didn’t want from our workspace and realized it all came down to one thing. People.

We share these values and made them public because we believe that our clients and partners need to know. We value their goals, are grateful for the opportunities to work with such awesome people and if you’re going to extend your team with outside expertise, wouldn’t you want to know what you’re getting?

We work with each other because we want to. We work on the projects that contribute something back to their owners, customers and sometimes, the planet (really). We choose to fuel our company with passion and determination and above all, empathy for one another. It’s been a very long time in the making but we think we have the formula for happiness. When the work you do isn’t considered “work”, then you know you have something special.

Daily Cadence

Everyone has input and hard decisions are made daily. We may agree to disagree and that’s Ok. We cut the lines and do things our way. That’s Ok too as long as we don’t get in the way of anyone else’s success. We don’t fake smiles and don’t live to work. We take credit but not without accountability. We allow for paid sabbaticals to learn new skills and unlimited time off as long as our clients and happy and prosperous. We also enjoy a few outings here and there to give back to our communities, share some gratitude and enjoy life.

Core Values

Our moral compass and guiding principles. If we get stuck, we review these and make sure we abide.

It may be the single most difficult task ever taken but to truly listen and comprehend is to understand what’s necessary for improvement.

Think Critical
Have discipline, analyze thoroughly, communicate with clarity and commit based on good reason and sound evidence.

Have Empathy
That guy who cut you off this morning, not paying full attention to his surroundings. Dangerous? Yes. But he could have just received the absolute worst news imaginable. Or not. So be kind and empathetic.

Know Your Value
Be humble and have gratitude for everything. Contribute positively or sit back, listen and learn. Your time will come and it will be amazing.

Be Forward Improving
No matter how insignificant you think it is, choose any task, belief or behavior and improve it. Even the slightest improvement could make all the difference in someone’s day.

Curly’s One Thing
It’s important to know what’s truly important and meaningful to us, our clients and families. Know that one thing and never lose sight of it.