Torch Group navigates the path to a more profitable marketing strategy through a transformational business process that gets results.


[tawrch] noun

  1. A source of illumination, enlightenment, guidance.
  2. A collaborative consultancy that provides digital marketing strategies, leadership coaching, true analytics, and data-driven decision making.

We work with companies all over the globe. Both business-to-business and consumer focused brands that realize the importance of a high-performance marketing plan. We have the priviledge of working with these amazing people along their journeys.

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Analytics That Fan The Right Flames

Because measuring the right metrics matter.

Leadership Isn’t A Position. It’s A Choice.

We help bosses become leaders.

Foundational Thinking

Solution based and data-driven marketing rooted in experience.

We brighten possibilities.

Purpose-Built Marketing

Companies that operate with purpose succeed. They truly understand what matters to their customers which makes them successful. We help discover why.

Let's Ignite Something

Reach out and let’s start a conversation about your marketing strategy and what your business needs are.

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